Our capabilities:

  • Repairs
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Turn-key Installations
  • In-plant Surveys and Training
  • Consignment Programs
  • Field service and installation
  • CAD / CAM drafting
  • Fabrication of carbon, stainless steel
  • Provision of custom control panels
  • Retrofitting new control panels



No matter what you manufacture, produce or your process, Velocity Industrial has the expertise, equipment, and customer service to support you.  It is our goal to provide the most innovative products to meet your specific requirements because no two process systems are alike.

Whether you are unloading resin from a railcar, replacing compressed air with our blow off system, need better filtration, we have your solution.  We support the Plastics, Metal, Aggregate, Grain, Medical, Food & Beverage, Waste Water Treatment, Power Generation industries in such applications as Pneumatic Conveying & Material Handling, Air Knife Drying Systems & Compressed Air Replacement, Landfill Recovery to name a few.  Our approach is to tailor your specific needs through our application of innovative, economical and efficient solutions. We offer the most advanced technology available for industry with our products and services.

Thank you for taking a moment to visit products and services. Our product line includes:

  • Wittmann Plastic Auxiliary Systems & Equipment
  • Velocity PD Blowers & Blower Packages
  • Wittmann Battenfeld Injection Mold Machines & Robots
  • Wittmann Blending, Conveying, Size Reduction, Drying
  • Velocity Plastic Film Trim Handling Systems
  • Bin Master Bin Level Measurement
  • Velocity Rotary Valves & Angel Hair Traps
  • Parts Conveyors – Robot Guarding – Automotion
  • Screws and Barrels
  • Velocity Air Knife Drying Systems
  • Brock Flex Auger and Storage Systems
  • Filtration & Lubrication
  • Repairs – Fabrication – Installation


Featured Products

As a global manufacturer Wittmann offers plastic processors worldwide a complete range of innovative automation technology and auxiliary equipment – from autonomous work cells to centrally managed and controlled system solutions.  Products include sprue pickers, robots, end-of-arm-tooling, degators and complete automation work cells; fully integrated materials handling systems with dryers, blenders, vacuum loading systems, rail car unloaders, silos, central filters, vacuum receivers, tilt tables and surge hoppers. Wittmann also offers beside-the-press and central granulators and water products including flow and mold temperature controllers.

For more information, visit http://www.wittmann-ct.com

W828 SERIES ROBOT                    ROBOT TEACHBOX                TEMPRO TCU UNITS




MACROPOWER 400T-1100T IMM                           ECOPOWER 110T IMM