Air Knife Systems

What is an Air Knife?
An air knife is a slotted air manifold used to discharge a high-velocity curtain of air for drying or cleaning conveyorized product.

What is a Blower Air Knife System?
An air knife system consists of a blower, air knives, and accessories to connect the blower to the air knives (flex hose, clamps, dividers, etc.)

Why Use a Blower Air Knife System?
#1 – Energy Savings – Through replacement of compressed air usage.
#2 – Higher Productivity – Through more effective drying and cleaning.

Common Air Knife System Applications:
Metal Finishing Lines – powder coating pretreatment drying and other applications.
Food and Beverage Packaging – bottles, cans, pouches, and other packages must be dried prior to packaging.
Parts Washing / Drying – removal of cleaning solutions and/or water after washing stations.
Continuous Strip / Web Material – removal of water from materials such as plastics or wire mesh.

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