Single-stage Centrifugal

Vortron Industrial specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance, high-efficiency centrifugal blowers for air knife systems and other applications. The key to a high-efficiency air knife system is a high-efficiency centrifugal blower. Vortron understands this concept better than anyone. If you compare air knife systems from various manufacturers, you will always find that the system utilizing a Vortron blower is more energy efficient and more durable overall because of the exeptionally high quality of our blowers. You might have the most efficient air knives or nozzles in the world, but your system will not acheive optimum performance unless it is powered by a Vortron blower.

Superior Durability – Vortron’s centrifugal blowers incorporate advanced, Patented features which enhance durability and dramatically extend operating life beyond all other competing industrial blowers. Only Vortron Industrial conducts on-going, ’round-the-clock durability testing on their blowers. Vortron backs this durability commitment with a full two-year warranty for each blower that is shipped, the best in the industry.

Superior Efficiency – The efficiency levels acheived by Vortron’s centrifugal blowers are unequaled throughout the blower industry worldwide, tested to the highest precision possible and documented by certified compressor maps. A plant air audit will clearly show that installation of a Vortron Air Power® centrifugal blower and air knife system will provide a drastic reduction in plant energy costs, compared to a “plant air” blow-off system. In these cases, up to 90% energy reduction can be realized! And in comparison to other industrial blowers, performance can be matched using 25% to 50% less power. All blower manufacturers will make “high-efficiency” claims, but only Vortron Industrial can guarantee its efficiency levels will not be beat by any competitor.

Superior Performance – Vortron’s centrifugal blowers have been engineered to deliver performance at operating points that no other compact industrial blower can match, providing pressure and airflow which previously required the use of multi-stage blowers. To a manufacturing plant, more volume and higher velocity from a blower or air knife system means improved blow-off effectiveness, resulting in increased production throughput, and better product quality with lower reject rates. As Vortron blower performance is documented and certified through rigorous testing, Vortron Industrial provides end users with the support of a true performance guarantee. A side-by-side comparison of a Vortron blower with any industrial blower of equivalent motor size will show that Vortron clearly surpasses performance of a comparable product under equal conditions.

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