Turbo Compressors

KTurbo TC-series are the most advanced design in the industry with patented Foil bearings, PM Motor of 95% efficiency, uses no lubrication and offer a 30% energy savings over a roots blower.

– Single moving part improves reliability
– Sensorless inverter eliminates the most common cause of breakdowns on conventional motor monitoring systems
– Rapid Surge Protection : High Speed BOV (Patent)
– Quick Recovery : Core Assembly Change

– True Oil-less : Foil bearing (Patent)
– High speed PM Motor : 95% efficiency (=Shaft Power/Motor Input Power)
– Minimum leakage : Seal functioned foil bearing (Patent)
– No bearing cooling loss : High temperature coating (Patent)
– System can be started with 5% of rated current. Therefore the electrical installation can be rated for a lower current, meaning savings in investment
– Minimum reloading time : Maximum 10 Sec

Cost of Ownership
– Low price : 50% less than a oil free screw
– Uses less Area, No special Noise-proofing, No special mounting needed for vibration
– Higher efficiency means smaller electrical service requirement

Operating Cost
– Higher efficiency : 30% saving than over oil free screw
– Variable speed control : 30% more energy savings
– Minimum Unload Power consumption : 1% of Full Power
– Minimum Maintenance cost : Air filter only
– No Cooling Water cost

– Supplies absolutely clean air and low noise
No oil and no mechanical contact in the system produces clean air and low noise. Airstream is free from contamination and produces no environmental problem.

User Friendly Operation
– Plug & Play – Connect the power and the air outlet, and simply push the start button.
– Smart User Interface – Anybody can operate KTurbo products. Functions of real time system monitoring and memory history inside the smart touch screen, makes it easy to select the most efficient operating point.